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Enter keywords

Enter keywords (up to three), select a search engine and language for collecting data from the search results.

Choose websites

From the list of URLs, select those which content you would like to explore (as a rule, they are similar by type and intent of the page).

Get tips

Our SERP checker will analyze the text on selected pages and highlight the most common words, bigrams and trigrams.

Create content

Use tips to create perfect SEO content for new page or improve existing ones those are closed to TOP in the SERP.

What’s inside?

SERP by multiple keywords

Checking SERP at once by several keywords allows you to identify competitors with the most relevant content and use this data to create your own perfect text.

Perfect structure of content

Analysis of bigrams and trigrams of competitors gives an opportunity to study in more detail about what sites in TOP are writing and use this information to improve your own content.

Creating tasks for copywriters

Use our ready to use template to create a task for a copywriter. Select the keywords that should be included in the meta tags and the main text, and add important notes.