What Is SEO Content?

It is a content created to attract organic traffic from search engines. Search engines and people see your text differently. Thus, to achieve a high ranking position, it is not enough to make the content interesting and valuable for users. It is also important to optimize it for search bots.

What Is SEO Content Optimization?

Optimizing a text for SEO is the process of making changes that will help search bots to understand what your text is and on what user requests it answers best. Content creation is usually a one-time task, while its SEO optimization can go on forever.

Key Stages of SEO Copywriting

Every specialist gradually comes to their own algorithm for writing SEO texts. We decided to share the steps we use when working on our projects.

  • Keyword Research

    Keyword research helps to achieve two tasks. The first concerns the content — what exactly you need to write about. The second concerns the form — what phrases to include in a text to make it top-ranked for the selected search queries. SERP analysis also helps to answer two questions. The first is what general content patterns of the first 10-20 websites help them stay in the top. The second is what useful information we can add to our text — something important for our users that competitors do not have.

  • Text Writing

    It is difficult to write a text trying to satisfy the requirements of both users’ and search engines at once. It is better to create content in two stages. At the first stage, we write an article concentrating solely on its content and value for a reader. We think over the content structure and convey the meaning with the words we consider necessary.

  • Content Optimization for SEO

    At the second stage, we rewrite the text to be ranked on the first pages basing on the most valuable keywords for us. Search engines evolve, and every year, they start to understand what needs are behind each search query and what pages can satisfy those needs better. However, text content optimization is still required.

  • Content Promotion

    One would think, how is content promotion related to text writing? Nevertheless, it is very interconnected. The SEO optimized content value is determined primarily by how much organic search engine traffic it attracts. If it does not fulfill this task for a long time, then all efforts to create it were wasted. Therefore, it is important to determine in advance what factors (except the text itself) will place our page in the top.

How to Check Content for SEO Optimization

Determining if the text is SEO-optimized before publishing takes time. However, doing it saves a lot of resources that are spent on subsequent corrections and rewriting of content without the prior verification. Even if you write the text yourself and are totally confident about its quality, in-depth analysis can show mistakes you could not have thought of.

  • Duplicate Content

    If your text is not unique, its positive properties make almost no difference. Search engines try to ensure that search results are not just of high-quality, but diverse as well. The use of plagiarism is not only an obstacle on the way of getting into the top but also a serious threat of sanctions from search engines. Duplicate content checker helps to identify which parts of the text are similar to the content from external sources.

  • Keyword Stuffing

    Keyword stuffing usually occurs because of two reasons. Firstly, it happens when an SEO copywriter deliberately includes as many keywords as possible in the text, hoping that this will help to place it in the top. Secondly, it is a side effect of writing a text on the topic with the important words that don’t have full substitutes or synonyms. The first case is already outdated, while the second is quite common. Keyword density checker helps you quickly determine which words and phrases are used too often and how keyword stuffing will change if you replace them.

  • Readability

    Readability index is not on the list of factors of the ranking formula. However, it is of great importance for user satisfaction. The simpler you can write about complex things, the more valuable your text is for a reader. It will make an impact on the user behavior on the page. Readability checker helps to identify individual phrases and sentences that should be replaced in order to simplify its understanding.

  • Redundant Phrases

    A good text is the one you can read not only easily, but also quickly. Why waste reader’s time using words and phrases that do not carry value?

  • Grammar Check

    Our eyes identify grammatical errors almost instantly. Such mistakes reduce the value of the content precisely by reducing the author’s credibility. In some cases, a grammatical error may even distort the meaning of the phrase, sentence, and the entire text.

  • Word Count

    It is not enough to write about useful things in an interesting way. Your text should fully elaborate on the topic. That’s why texts with similar word counts make it to the top so often.

  • Content Structuring

    Both search engines and users like a good text structure. A text divided into blocks is easier to memorize. A reader can quickly proceed to the right question and better understand the connection between concepts discussed in an article. Moreover, the structure is helpful for an author of the article. Start writing an article by creating a structure and the creative process will flow much easier.

  • Keyword Check

    Only after we make sure that a text is unique, readable, well-structured, grammatically correct, and comprehensive, we can proceed to keyword check.

Check how well your content is optimized

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