Words to Minutes Calculator

Convert words to minutes to find out the time of your speech or text reading

Your speech rate: 150 words per minute

Check text for mistakes

Paste a text

Paste a content for which you want to calculate reading or speaking time.

Choose a speed of speech

Set how many words per minute you usually read or pronounce.

Evaluate a result

Get instant result with forecast of time period your speech will take.

Fix content issues

Take time on fixing grammar and readability issues to make your speech clear.

What’s inside?

Plagiarism checker

If you are interested to make your speech unique, use duplicate content checker to detect the parts of content that are copied from other websites.

Keyword density checker

Sometimes keyword stuffing can spoil a speech. Keyword density tool will show what words are used the most often in your speech and replace them with synonyms.

Article rewriter

Online editor inside helps to get a list of highlighted issues, fix them instantly and make your content easy to understand.

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