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Вставьте текст или его отрывок в котором вы хотите посчитать количество символов

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Узнайте количество символов, слов и предложений всего в 1 клик

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Выявите критические ошибки в тексте и получить подсказки, как их исправить

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Дополните, перепишите или удалите определенные участки текста

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Калькулятор слов и символов помогает легко оценить объем текста и поставить ТЗ копирайтеру на примере текста конкурента.

Проверка ошибок

Проверка текста на переспам, читабельность и уникальность поможет устранить основные препятствия для ранжирования текста на топовых позициях

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Исправление ошибок в онлайн редакторе поможет значительно ускорить процесс SEO оптимизации текста.


Why word count matters?

Whether you are a college student, a content writer, manager or novelist, you know how important word usage in any type of text is. The purpose of any writing is to create a readable and convenient text that is easy to perceive. It is important to express your thoughts and ideas effectively. Generally, it means that every word counts, in the majority of cases it is better to be simple and use a minimal number of words. First of all, it makes any text shorter and, therefore, more pleasant to readers. Secondly, it makes it clear and easy to comprehend, a message of your writing should be straightforward and without any misinterpretations.

When it comes to articles, the fewer words, the better. We live in a time of information, and no one has the tolerance to deal with huge piles of text. Generally, any type of written content has a desirable amount of words, whether it is an essay, dissertation or novel. When you are limited with words, it makes you more conscious of their choice and power they have. It helps to deliver ideas logically so the reader won’t be lost in endless adjectives.

The main goal of any information source is to deliver the main idea, that’s why it is crucial to stick to the point and follow the structure. Your words use also influences your reputation as a writer. Yes, there is usually a desire to make text longer, but it is not always for the better. For example, the more clearly you understand the topic, the simpler you can explain it. If you go around with long metaphors, it might mean that you don’t actually have a good comprehension of it.

Every word one use should be efficient in what it is supposed to do. Be sure that you have a clear vision of what you are going to write and what message is being delivered, especially when we talk about academic writing or job-related communication. For example, if you are working on a presentation of the product, concentrate on the crucial features you need to underline, provide only essential information. When you are working on a science project, us the appropriate scholarly language style, which very clear, short and straightforward.

How to use words counter properly?

Writers are paid for the number of words, that why some of them might tend superficially increase them in the text. However, it might be a disadvantage if a reader will get tired of it. Unless you are Honoré de Balzac, there is no need to use all the words you know. It is better to stick to the efficient ways of message delivery.

Sometimes it is also crucial what kinds of words you use and in what number. For example, if you are a blogger or a content writer, you want your text appearing in search engine, like Google, on the first page. It means that the text should be structured and written according to the purpose and main keywords. There are also stop-words that imply that the text is overstuffed with the unnecessary lexis. It reduces the chances of your content to be viewed on the first page. Yes, if you are writing about vacation places, you need to use words in this regard, such as vacation, beach, rest, relax, etc. however, if you overuse them just to make your text relevant it will be impossible to read. Remember that the main purpose of any type of writing is to be informative and interesting to read for a perceiver.

That’s why if you are interested in increasing your writing skills and the quality of your texts, you need to care about word count. It is amazing that today we have technologies that help us to do it faster and in a very comfortable way, just behind our computer. So it is only reasonable to use professional software designed for this purpose. That’s why when you need an instant count of a specific word, Microsoft Word can show you a general word count, but it won’t get you a detailed and comprehensive report. The copywritely.com website offers an online report on word count. It is amazing because you don’t need to download anything or install additional software. Basically, you just type in or copy paste your text in a box on a website and proceed with analysis. Now you know everything you need to write a decent text!

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